About us

Meshcapade is leveraging computer vision, graphics and large models to build digital humans that act and interact in 3D. We are the creators of the core technology powering 3D human understanding in academia and industry. Our mission is to build foundation models that enable digital humans to see, understand, and behave just like real people.

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The Spirit of Adventure.

Diversity & curiosity sit at the core of Meshcapade.

Meshcapade is a woman-led, award-winning, tech startup with its foundation in the heart of Cyber Valley, Europe’s largest AI ecosystem. We are remote-first, with our headquarters based in the picturesque university town of Tübingen, Germany, surrounded by nature at the edge of the famous Black Forest.

We are a team of passionate creators from a variety of backgrounds, seeking to change how people generate, think about, and make use of digital human avatars. We are breaking new ground in AI, but we remain ever-curious and continue to learn from each other and the world around us. We are a diverse team and believe in creating and promoting a strong culture of inclusivity for everyone who works with us.

We support home-office and remote workers in every way, across the globe. We make it easy for our team members to feel welcome and included, regardless of whether they are working from the office or remotely. We seek out and work with the best talent wherever they may be!

We especially encourage women and people from under-represented communities to join us. We are dedicated to developing a vibrant and engaging team that grows with us and we encourage diversity, community and curiosity while embracing the differences we all bring to the table.

Our team is truly remote!

Company Tenets

Our Values.

Kindness, diversity and unrelenting passion to build technologies that are revolutionizing the world.

Solving real problems.

  • We’re not slaying imaginary dragons (they make great pets though!). The goal is always to solve real problems that people want solved.
  • We’re building solutions that haven’t existed in the world yet. Your first customer is yourself.
  • New hyped up tech will undoubtedly come up along the way. Most of them are just distractions.

Trust & respect.

  • Always be nice. Respect supersedes all else.
  • Listen attentively. Don’t shut down others’ ideas.
  • Give honest and fair feedback. Share constructive criticism.
  • Share in each other's wins and failures. Give credit where credit is due and take responsibility when you mess up.

Communication is key.

More Pair programming drawing from Denis :)
  • If you have ideas, share them.
  • Never leave others waiting for a response or acknowledgement from you.
    • Stuck on a task? Tell others. Ask for help.
    • Someone else seems stuck on a task? Offer help & support.
  • When in doubt, ask someone else for help. We'll figure it out together!
  • Overexplain your problem when asking for help - xyproblem.

A diverse culture.

  • Keep an open mind.
    • Misunderstandings happen.
    • You have the right and responsibility to let others know when some behavior or comment is not okay.
  • Set your own time.
    • Results speak for themselves.
    • We’re driven by results. Not tracking people’s time.
    • Safeguard your focus. Block your time for focused work whenever you need to.
    • Safeguard your personal time. Your physical and mental health are important. Don’t let work overtake your personal time.

Question everything.

  • Everyone in the team today is our in-house expert on something.
  • The hierarchy is there only to support you to grow better and faster.
  • Feel empowered to ask questions, challenge ideas and share constructive feedback.


  • Remote first means we are empowered to self-direct and self-organize our work based on the team’s priorities.
  • Feel empowered to find ways to unblock yourself if you are being blocked by anyone or anything. When in doubt: be respectful & communicate your concerns.
  • Feel empowered to take on new responsibilities and try new things. You are the expert!

Speed is the 1st priority.

  • Try new things quickly
  • Fail at those things quickly
  • Innovate new ideas quickly

Never compromise speed for perfection. Launch today. We’ll always be able to update again tomorrow.

Pragmatism: Keep it Simple.

  • Don't overpromise.
  • Plan for repetition. Don’t build anything that’s for a single-use operation. This will pay huge dividends in the long term.
  • When in trouble, break it down. Smaller, simpler problems are easier to tackle head-on.

Keep it fun.

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  • “It’s all going to be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”
  • Stressing about work just stresses everyone out.
  • Trust your teammates to make the right decisions. Everyone brings their own experience and way of working. Support them in failure. Celebrate them in success.

Keep trying!

  • Failing is part of innovation.
  • Being small allows us to be agile. Use that to your advantage.
  • Take risks. Try new things. Build your way out of a problem.

Professional growth.

One of the best things about startups is that everyone has to do many things. One of the worst things about startups is that everyone has to do many things.

  • Be curious. Find new & better ways to solve problems and simplify solutions.
    • Innovation means taking risks and trying new things.
    • Trying new things leads to new opportunities.
  • Play to your strengths.
  • Build each other up. Recognize your team members' core strengths and skills. Where possible, include them in tasks that play well to their strengths.

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