Realistic human shape and motion,
made possible for everyone.
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State of the art 3D body models

Automatically convert body scans, mocap, or measurements to rigged meshes.

3D & 4D body scans

Convert raw scan data into water-tight, usable meshes at multiple resolutions.

Motion Capture Data

Get animated and rigged avatars from mocap data without hassle.

Body Measurements

Produce realistic body shapes and sizes from a few select measurements.

Our services

Here are some of our offerings!

Technology Licensing

License our models and data for your own research and product development.

Online Body Processing

Sign up for our API and access body modeling tools right from your browser.

Consulting Services

Let us help you create custom models for specialized demographics.

Our Mission

Meshcapade aims to revolutionize the world of human body modeling, sizing, and animation.
We employ a state of the art statistical model that encodes realistic shapes, sizes, and motions.

Our goal is to make animating, simulating, and recognizing human bodies effortless,
and to bring realistic virtual humans into simulation and 3D environments.

Our Team

Meet the folks behind Meshcapade!

Naureen Mahmood

Co-founder | CEO

Naureen was one of the earliest members of the Perceiving Systems group at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.
She is a key author of several SIGGRAPH papers, and has been deeply involved in developing multiple groundbreaking 3D human body modeling and motion capture technologies.

Talha Zaman

Co-founder | CTO

Talha is an experienced engineering leader who helped build Kyruus, an enterprise startup transforming healthcare through big data, and earlier worked at Google.
Prior to Meshcapade, he focused on turning research into production quality software at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.

And our invaluable support:

Michael Black

Angel Investor

Founding director of the Perceiving Systems group at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Michael is an award-winning researcher and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences with over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications.
Michael’s early work on optical flow has been widely used in Hollywood films. He co-founded Body Labs Inc. to commercialize his research on human body shape and motion. Body Labs was acquired by Amazon in 2017.

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