Welcome to the age of avatars.

Meshcapade is the digital human company

E-commerce, clothing design, games, AR/VR, fitness, telepresence? We’ve got you covered.

We solve the hard computer vision problem of converting your data into accurate digital humans so you can focus on your core business

Our patented technology supports all your avatar needs from highly accurate digital doubles to the animation of fantasy characters. All on one platform. Fully compatible with all game engines and graphics software.

Is your business avatar-enabled? Are you ready for the metaverse?

Low friction. High accuracy.
Fully portable. Game compatible.

One platform for all your avatar needs. Create accurate digital doubles from any source of data in a unified 3D body format usable across every platform and industry.


The no-friction avatar-creation platform.

One platform for all your avatar needs. Our AI platform creates accurate digital doubles from any source of data in a unified 3D body format that works for every industry.

Be yourself. All of them.

Fashionista, cyberpunk, superhero?
Always you. Always safe.

All of your avatars in one format. Compatible. Portable.
Based on our patented SMPL body model technology.


You, in all your glory.

Connect with your avatar. Your motions and emotions.
Compatible with all our avatars.


Join the growing avatar economy.

Whether you’re selling clothing or bicycles, your customer’s body shape and motion are central. Design, fit, and sell products around your customer’s avatar.

The digital human company

Using computer vision and machine
learning to enable the Age of Avatars.

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