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Our Publications

Token HMR Cover

TokenHMR: Advancing Human Mesh Recovery with a Tokenized Pose Representation

CVPR 2024

Other selected publications by Meshcapade scientists

Naureen Mahmood

SMPL: A skinned multi-person linear model

M Loper , N Mahmood , J Romero , G Pons-Moll , MJ Black

ACM transactions on graphics (TOG) 34 (6), 1-16, 2015

Learning from synthetic humans

G Varol , J Romero , X Martin , N Mahmood , MJ Black , I Laptev , C Schmid

CVPR 2017

MoSh: Motion and shape capture from sparse markers

M Loper , N Mahmood , MJ Black

ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 33 (6), 1-13, 2014

Dyna: A model of dynamic human shape in motion

G Pons-Moll , J Romero , N Mahmood , MJ Black

ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 34 (4), 1-14, 2015

Muhammed Kocabas

HUGS: Human gaussian splats

M Kocabas , JHR Chang , J Gabriel , O Tuzel , A Ranjan

CVPR 2024

ARCTIC: A dataset for dexterous bimanual hand-object manipulation

Z Fan , O Taheri , D Tzionas , M Kocabas , M Kaufmann , MJ Black , ...

CVPR 2023

SPEC: Seeing people in the wild with an estimated camera

M Kocabas , CHP Huang , J Tesch , L Müller , O Hilliges , MJ Black

CVPR 2021

PARE: Part attention regressor for 3d human body estimation

M Kocabas , CHP Huang , O Hilliges , MJ Black

CVPR 2021

VIBE: Video inference for human body pose and shape estimation

M Kocabas , N Athanasiou , MJ Black

CVPR 2020

Yu Sun

TRACE: 5D Temporal Regression of Avatars With Dynamic Cameras in 3D Environments

Y. Sun , Q. Bao , W. Liu , T. Mei , M. J. Black

CVPR 2023

Putting People in their Place: Monocular Regression of 3D People in Depth

Y. Sun , W. Liu , Q. Bao , Y. Fu , T. Mei , M. J. Black

CVPR 2022

Monocular, One-Stage, Regression of Multiple 3D People

Y. Sun , Q. Bao , W. Liu , Y. Fu , M. J. Black , T. Mei

CVPR 2021

Yan Zhang

Generating 3d people in scenes without people

Y Zhang , M Hassan , H Neumann , MJ Black , S Tang

CVPR 2020

LEAP: Learning articulated occupancy of people

M Mihajlovic , Y Zhang , MJ Black , S Tang

CVPR 2021

We are more than our joints: Predicting how 3d bodies move

Y Zhang , MJ Black , S Tang

CVPR 2021

We are more than our joints: Predicting how 3d bodies move

Y Zhang , MJ Black , S Tang

CVPR 2023

The wanderings of odysseus in 3d scenes

Y Zhang , S Tang

CVPR 2022

Yao Feng

Learning an animatable detailed 3D face model from in-the-wild images

Y Feng , H Feng , MJ Black , T Bolkart


Collaborative regression of expressive bodies using moderation

Y Feng , V Choutas , T Bolkart , D Tzionas , MJ Black

3DV 2021

MeshDiffusion: Score-based generative 3D mesh modeling

Z Liu , Y Feng , MJ Black , D Nowrouzezahrai , L Paull , W Liu

Capturing and animation of body and clothing from monocular video

Y Feng , J Yang , M Pollefeys , MJ Black , T Bolkart

Siggraph Asia 2022

Parameter-efficient orthogonal finetuning via butterfly factorization

W Liu , Z Qiu , Y Feng , Y Xiu , Y Xue , L Yu , H Feng , Z Liu , J Heo , S Peng

ICLR 2024

MonoHair: High-Fidelity Hair Modeling from a Monocular Video

K Wu , L Yang , Z Kuang , Y Feng , X Han , Y Shen , H Fu , K Zhou , Y Zheng

CVPR 2024

Ghost on the Shell: An Expressive Representation of General 3D Shapes

Z Liu , Y Feng , Y Xiu , W Liu , L Paull , MJ Black , B Schölkopf

ICLR 2024

Radu Alexandru Rosu

Neural Strands: Learning Hair Geometry and Appearance from Multi-View Images

RA Rosu , S Saito , Z Wang , C Wu , S Behnke , G Nam

ECCV 2022

PermutoSDF: Fast Multi-View Reconstruction with Implicit Surfaces using Permutohedral Lattices

RA Rosu , S Behnke

CVPR 2023

NeuralMVS: Bridging Multi-View Stereo and Novel View Synthesis

RA Rosu , S Behnke

IJCNN 2022

Nitin Saini

SmartMocap: Joint Estimation of Human and Camera Motion Using Uncalibrated RGB Cameras

N. Saini , C. P. Huang , M. J. Black , A. Ahmad

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 8(6):3206-3213, 2023

AirPose: Multi-View Fusion Network for Aerial 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation

N. Saini , E. Bonetto , E. Price , A. Ahmad , M. J. Black

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 7(2):4805-4812, IEEE, April 2022

AirCapRL: Autonomous Aerial Human Motion Capture Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

R. Tallamraju , N. Saini , E. Bonetto , M. Pabst , Y. T Liu , M. J. Black , A. Ahmad

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 7(2):4805-4812, IEEE, April 2022

Markerless Outdoor Human Motion Capture Using Multiple Autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicles

N. Saini , E. Price , R. Tallamraju , R. Enficiaud , R. Ludwig , I. Martinović , A. Ahmad , M. Black

ICCV 219

Michael J. Black

Detailed human shape and pose from images

AO Balan , L Sigal , MJ Black , JE Davis , HW Haussecker

CVPR 2007

End-to-end recovery of human shape and pose

A Kanazawa , MJ Black , DW Jacobs , J Malik

CVPR 2018

Keep it SMPL: Automatic estimation of 3D human pose and shape from a single image

F Bogo , A Kanazawa , C Lassner , P Gehler , J Romero , MJ Black

ECCV 2016

Embodied hands: Modeling and capturing hands and bodies together

J Romero , D Tzionas , MJ Black

ACM Transactions on Graphics, (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia), 36(6):245:1-245:17, 245:1–245:17, ACM, November 2017

Learning a model of facial shape and expression from 4D scans

T Li , T Bolkart , MJ Black , H Li , J Romero

ACM Trans. Graph. 36 (6), 194:1-194:17, 2017

Recovering accurate 3D human pose in the wild using IMUs and a moving camera

T Von Marcard , R Henschel , MJ Black , B Rosenhahn , G Pons-Moll

ECCV 2018

Expressive body capture: 3D hands, face, and body from a single image

G Pavlakos , V Choutas , N Ghorbani , T Bolkart , AAA Osman , D Tzionas , ...

CVPR 2019

Learning to reconstruct 3D human pose and shape via model-fitting in the loop

N Kolotouros , G Pavlakos , K Black , Michael J. , Daniilidis

ICCV 2019

Action-conditioned 3d human motion synthesis with transformer vae

M Petrovich , MJ Black , G Varol

CVPR 2021

TEMOS: Generating diverse human motions from textual descriptions

Y Xiu , J Yang , D Tzionas , MJ Black

ECCV 2022

ICON: Implicit clothed humans obtained from normals

Y Xiu , J Yang , D Tzionas , MJ Black

CVPR 2022

BEDLAM: A synthetic dataset of bodies exhibiting detailed lifelike animated motion

MJ Black , P Patel , J Tesch , J Yang

CVPR 2023

WHAM: Reconstructing World-grounded Humans with Accurate 3D Motion

S Shin , J Kim , E Halilaj , MJ Black

CVPR 2024